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BlackBox: DOUBLE BILL Barbarella's Bang Bang & Mr Mineshaft

BlackBox: DOUBLE BILL Barbarella's Bang Bang & Mr Mineshaft

Art transcends genres and disciplines, for this year’s edition of Black Box Festival we’re offering you an exclusive and limited double bill offer for exciting Gypsy Jazz Punk band BARBARELLA’S BANG BANGMR MINESHAFT, a thought provoking bio-piece on very controversial composer Julius Eastman.

LIMITED DBLE BILL TICKETS: £15 (instead of £20)

SAT 14th + SUN 15th JANUARY 2017




’Mr Mineshaft’ explores and exposes the extraordinary life and work of forgotten black composer, Julius Eastman, articulating his pitiful fall from the heights of the American avant grade to the depths of drug addiction, vagrancy, and early death.

Eastman is a lost genius - a virtuoso musician, classical composer, vocalist, dancer, and gay rights activist lost by posterity. At the height of his career he toured across Europe and played with eminent artists like John Cage, Arthur Russell, and Meredith Monk, whilst simultaneously embracing the heady New York gay scene centred around the meat-packing district, sometimes arriving for classical music rehearsals wearing army boots, a military jacket and vest, and holding a bottle of scotch.

However, after his increasing dependence on alcohol and drugs, and his growing frustration with lack of artistic opportunities for black and gay men, his life fell apart. He was evicted from his apartment, losing many of his scores, he failed to gain a promised lectureship at Cornell University, and he eventually became a vagrant in Tompkins Square Park, New York. He died alone several years later in 1990 (at the age of 49), of reported ’cardiac arrest’, possibly due to complications related to HIV.

’Mr Mineshaft’ rediscovers and celebrates his remarkable life and fall from grace - something never more relevant today. #Blacklivesmatter



Accordion toting five piece band, Barbarella’s Bang Bang is a cacophony of carnivalistic delights.

A combination of European gypsy folk and theatrical pop with roots in Eastern and Roman Europe, Barbarella’s Bang Bang provide a soundtrack of ecstasy for all occasions. Fronted by the stunning Barbarella the Bang Bang will take you on a ride from the eyes of a puppet in a world of lost lovers to bohemian dancehalls shadowed by broken suns.


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