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BlackBox: Barbarella's Bang Bang

BlackBox: Barbarella's Bang Bang

European Gypsy Jazz Punk band fronted by Frida Kahlo meets Gwen Stefani virtuoso singer


Accordion toting five piece band, Barbarella’s Bang Bang is a cacophony of carnivalistic delights.

A combination of European gypsy folk and theatrical pop with roots in Eastern and Roman Europe, Barbarella’s Bang Bang provide a soundtrack of ecstasy for all occasions. Fronted by the stunning Barbarella the Bang Bang will take you on a ride from the eyes of a puppet in a world of lost lovers to bohemian dancehalls shadowed by broken suns.

Ticket price: £10

Limited double bill £15 tickets for Barbarella’s Bang Bang & Mr Mineshaft, an incredible bio-piece on controversial composer Julius Eastman avilable here:


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