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BlackBox: Mire

BlackBox: Mire


Spiritual dance theatre performance “Mire” created by Zuza Tehanu is based on a deep internal search for feminine power and archaic intuitive wisdom.  Through following the impulses and feelings coming from the performer’s own body the artist tried to identify the struggles that women experienced through the ages on the path of becoming more powerful and connecting to their inner knowledge. The female body then became the main subject of the study, as the artist believes that those struggles are imprinted into the bodies of all women collectively. Therefore the performance became a diary of a very personal journey to overcome the obstacles on the way to discover the feminine true self.

This one-dancer Performance is an interdisciplinary creation combining very organic, contemporary dance, theatre and singing with some originally composed music and poetry: 

Her water spilled

Her matter embraced the ground

Her body became a mud

And from the mud back it came

For She is the Creator

She is the feelings of Mother Earth

The beginning and the end

The Goddess, the obstacle, the transition

Woman, in her pure, timeless being.

Music by Zuza Tehanu and Tomasz Brajter

"rhythmical performance, a whirlwind of forceful energy, hypnotic, alive, intense energy, rhythmical energy, powerful, very powerful..." THE ORGAN


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