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BlackBox: Awkward Topic - A Work in Progress

BlackBox: Awkward Topic - A Work in Progress


Through a gal’s night out, tits, tinder and tequila, Malarkey Theatre questions how gender affects us and whether you can use your boobs to get a free drink and still call yourself a feminist.

After a successful run as part of the Camden Fringe festival last August ‘Awkward Topic’ writer Clare Noy has returned in collaboration with fellow Rose Bruford Foundation graduate Nikhita Lesler and Pentabus Theatre writer Millie Wardle in order to create new material.

‘The definition of Malarkey is ‘meaningless talk and nonsense.’ Staying true to this ethos ‘Awkward Topic: Work in Progress’ pokes fun at stereotypes, feminazi’s and drunken cab conversations. We ask the audience to let us amuse them but we also want them to leave questioning their own judgements on equality and what it means to be a modern feminist.’ – Clare Noy, Writer & Actor

***** - LondonTheatre1

‘Awkward Topic is an excellent show performed with panache and enthusiasm by this talented cast who fuse clever physical theatre sequences with the dialogue for emphasis and illustration. This is great Fringe theatre and above all these young women have developed a piece that has integrity and that entertains, yes, but also asks us to engage in the discussion rather than pass by on the other side.’


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