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BlackBox: STAN

BlackBox: STAN


STAN is a small man with a big mouth. He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind, or on your mind. He is the Anti-New Man. Loud. Aggressive. Unapologetic. But his abrasive exterior also hides something more fragile - the small boy inside, lost, alone, confused and frightened.

STAN is in some way a reaction to modern ’civilised’ man. The man who has suppressed his basic urges, who censors his primal animal instincts. The man who is emasculated by modern, powerful Independent Woman, who at the same time as demanding his dicklessness, despises him for it.

The cracks in STAN’s Psyche are sometimes revealed through moments of self reflection - "Do you ever feel like you’re being manipulated?" He asks the audience. "It’s fucking weird!" STAN chooses to live in denial about the fact that he’s a puppet, unwilling to deal with the horror of this reality.
And here’s a nice review from the Nurnberger Zeitung -

The one-man-show "STAN" again proves that the best humor is not just slapstick but has discreet depth. At first sight STAN is the archetype of a chauvinist: sexist to the threshold of pain, testosterone driven and in an absolute yet inadequate manner sure of himself. But behind this facade lies a sensitive inner life. That this identity crises is so fascinating can alone be accredited to Jim Barnard’s accomplished performance and his remarkable physical skill. He is a puppeteer with both feet and one hand in his Alter Ego.


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