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For Queen and Country

For Queen and Country

For Queen and Country is the story of 21 year old Jamie Robson’s journey as a private in the British Army in the final year of the conflict in Afghanistan. Yet after his first tour, when all combat troops are officially pulled out of the country, Jamie finds himself among a group of 450 soldiers held back in an ‘advisory’ capacity to oversee the transition of power to the Afghan National Army. His experiences on the front line lead to his growing disillusionment with both the horror and banality of war, and puts ever greater strain on his relationships with his mother and fiancee back home.

Told through a series of monologues and the exchanges of video messages between a soldier and his loved ones, this quick-paced show will entertain you, shock you and give you a keen insight into the life of a modern day British squaddie.

‘For Queen and Country’, written and directed by Gabriel Owen, is Bottom Drawer Productions’ debut play on a London stage. For more information, you can find them here:

Twitter: @BDrawerOfficial

Facebook: bottomdrawerproductions

Instagram: bottomdrawerproductions


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