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North by North Westminster

North by North Westminster

The podcast that puts the gag in gagging order is here, and it’s live.

The North By North Westminster team look back over the events of 2016, with special guest the Grim Reaper. His 2016 started with God telling him that he hadn’t been pulling his weight, and that this year he will be working extra hard.

But surely his to-do-list was filled with mistakes? Why was David Cameron’s career on it? Was he just being asked to cut George Osborne for irony’s sake? What on earth is this word “Brexit” and what could it possibly mean?

Above all, why does the list end with “You must choose what to kill: Donald Trump or Western Civilization”?

All this and more from the Podcast that Boris Johnson described as “an inverted pyramid of mirth”. Now, he might not have actually said that, but we’re sure Boris wouldn’t mind a little bit of lying whilst you try to sell people something.


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