Etcetera Theatre

Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone

Blood&Bone has been developed as part of the Barbican Open Lab Scheme. Due to popular demand we have add this extra performance at the Etectera Theatre.

When an old man dies leaving his beloved greenhouse to the care of his spoilt son, his plants; Ash, a heroic fern, Clover a soon-to-bloom flower and Braxlin, a sturdy hedge, will have to battle their way to the front garden to avoid being mulched to make space for a Hot Tub. The three friends will have to work together to battle Butch Pansies, Narcoleptic Sunflowers and Donald Stump on their path to freedom. But will the appearance of a busty Rose jeopardise their chances of escape? Part political satire, part adventure, part pixar movie; “Blood & Bone” combines puppets, puns and poor taste to guarantee you’ll soil yourself.

Tickets are by donation on the door. Very grateful for anything you give.


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