Etcetera Theatre



A clown show for grown-ups about the end of the world. See Kiki Lovechild’s
innermost thoughts come to life as he turns a night of insomnia and loneliness
into a breathtakingly magical experience, transporting you to the best moments
of your childhood. Kiki’s known for intelligently mixing visual comedy with
heartfelt stories; his performances speak to your soul at the same time as you
find yourself laughing out loud. Reviewers described his previous five-star show
as ‘an unforgettable hour that cannot fail to make you laugh and love being
alive’ ( See you at the end of the world!

Fringe Review MUST SEE SHOW - Edinburgh Fringe 2016
"He fills us all with wonder, laughter and love. His performance is always
touching, always funny and somehow more beautiful than a sunrise, a sunset or an
enchanted forest. His is a unique work of art. ... Sheets is a diamond of a
show. We all need to see it to replenish our belief in the fundamental value of
theatre at its best." Fringe Review.


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