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The Tempest

The Tempest


Company C presents The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Audience feedback:

"A completely different take on The Tempest.... really bringing it to life"

"BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED... wonderful performance and production"

"In an environment where we’re thinking about Nationhood, immigration and connections, it’s amazing to me that something that was written in a completely different setting in a completely different era ... still has really pertinent meaning"

Lawrence O’Connor- Director- Offie Nominated

Ben Altimira - Antonio
Will Anderson - Gonzalo
Crystal Arons - Miranda
Comfort Fabian - The Boatswain, Iris, Francisco
Mo Idriss- Alonso
Will James - Caliban
Stuart Miller - Sebastian
Thom Short - Trinculo- Offie Nominated
Sara Felice Vetro- Ferdinand
Heather Warne - Stephano and Song Composition
David K Whiting - Prospero - Offie Nominated
Jessica Chloe Young - Ariel & Ceres and Music Devising

Debbie Reeds- Producer
Jack Barton- Sound Design and Composer- Offie Nominated
Johanne Jensen- Lighting Design- Offie Nominated
Olivia Wilson- Assistant Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator
& Sound Operator
Lawrence O’Connor- Set Design - Offie Nominated
Photography - Siân O’Connor
Design Associate- Gianluca Pisano

Company C´s production, developed over 12 months against the backdrop of unprecedented global population displacement. As untold thousands of people seeking sanctuary are left to perish, there has never been a more
relevant time to rediscover the telling of Shakespeare´s most magical and human story of loss, revenge, transformation, reconciliation and resolution.

A man betrayed by those closest to him, abandoned to the sea with his young daughter, to die. His hope sustained only by his love for her. They arrive upon a strange land and for twelve years create a new life for themselves
until, one day a ship sails close-by their island...

Venture through the heart of the tempest to Prospero´s Isle to discover a place of transformation and, perhaps, redemption.

Ticket price - £16.00/£8.00 online and £20.00/£16.00 on the door

Image:  Arrival of the day by Gianluca Pisano (


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