Etcetera Theatre

Lairy Tales and Crappy Ever Afters

Lairy Tales and Crappy Ever Afters

Unruly Baps are described by ‘Blow Your Own Trumpet’ Daily’s’ chief reviewer as ‘uber‐twats high on hyperbole.’

Unruly Scrumptious and Lady Baps; a female comedy duo who wrangle words, form, narcissism, anxiety and a mild nut allergy.

Abusing poetry, song, sketches and improv with a cavalcade of comedy characters, Unruly Baps brings you a series of fairytale subversions.

Join a slutty Grandma from Red Riding Hood, a northern Cinderella and a lecherous Rumpelstiltskin for an hour of mayhemic mirth and scurrilous wordplay.


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