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If Not Today, Eventually

If Not Today, Eventually

At a tea parlour that looks ordinary but isn’t quite right, two women share more than their differences suggest. As they discuss banalities of life, identities start to crumble. Their thoughts get more and more entangled all the while tension brews in the pot.

Is deception sustaining them or erasing them forever?

Philosophical and irreverent, If Not Today, Eventually reflects on our own faults, fears and irrational urges, merging quips and debate with a strong physical score. Funny, imaginative, it will have you gripping the edge of your cup. Careful you don’t fall in.

Director: Stefanos Regueros Savvides Writer: Lorenza Gentile Cast: Nicky Ingram, Nicoletta Procopiou Costume Designer: Claudia Ceccantini Set Designer: Hara Savvidou


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