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Chris Stokes: The Man Delusion (work-in-progress)

Chris Stokes: The Man Delusion (work-in-progress)

A work-in-progress of Chris’ fourth solo stand-up show.

Chris Stokes?  Yes.  Comedian?  Absolutely.  Award-winning?  You betcha.  Man...?  Can you be more specific?

Ostensibly a human, Chris (Dave’s One Night Stand, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5Live) presents a preview of his new show about you.  Well, the species that you have in common with him.

As an introvert, Chris has always felt more comfortable observing humanity instead of actively participating in it.  He is often told, “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet,” yet he has been mugged 4 times.  And he has kept in touch with none of them, despite knowing their new numbers off by heart.

Ever experienced the sweet justice of saying, “You’re welcome,” to a ‘thank you’ that never came?  Ever been tempted to follow someone for miles when they didn’t wave or blink their hazards after you let them out at a junction?  Ever made a concerted effort to develop laser vision so you could set the queue-jumper in front of you’s hair on fire?  Then this could be the show for you...

"Very gifted... Has the talent to one day have the world at his feet ****" - The List

"Real talent... It takes some flair to mix script, tangents, conversation, heartbreak and make it all look so effortless ****" - The Skinny

"Excellent ****" - Daily Mirror

"Very funny, well-crafted stand-up ****" - Broadway Baby

"One impressive comic" - The New Statesman

"Genuine, uncontrived epiphanies as well as laughs" - Chortle

"Hilarious" - The Scotsman


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