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Can you fall in love with someone if you don’t know their gender?  

Peter is about to find out when he falls for the sexually ambiguous ‘Blue’. 

Their relationship poses a challenge to Peter’s identity, forcing him to face some difficult questions: To what extent are we all encouraged to conform to narrow culturally defined stereotypes, to label and to pigeon-hole ourselves?

Are these labels a form of straight jacket, by adapting to them do we compromise our true nature and can we defy the ultimate label of gender? Does this pressure to conform inevitably give rise to derision and hatred towards those who by choice or inclination, stand outside society’s norms?

Casting caution to the wind, Peter’s passion for Blue provokes prejudice and hostility from friends and family in a tale of sexual liberation and shattered taboos.

Written & Directed by Ian Dixon Potter and performed by Ilaria Ciardelli, Thomasin Lockwood, Gianbruno Spena and Duncan Mason.


***** LondonTheatre1

“A truly stimulating piece of theatre, that will leave you double checking
yourself every time you supply stereotypical, sticky labels to a friend
or foe. A production which complicates and liberates ideas of conventional
human behaviour.”

"Powerful and unique, Peter and Blue’s relationship sees two people falling
in love without constraints from gender. Attraction is formed from
personality alone. The focus of this production and main message is don’t
judge, take a person for who they are rather than what they are. Where they
are going rather than where they’ve been."

"Boy Stroke Girl is perfectly written so as to keep the audience guessing.
This allows for the questioning of your own thought process at the same
time the characters are questioning theirs. Likewise the actors portray the
androgyny of Blue to perfection, particularly Lassalle as there is not one
point in their acting that leads to any confirmed thought that Blue is
either a boy or a girl."

"The set of Boy Stroke Girl was simple yet beautiful. Everything allowed
every aspect of the play to flow with perfect fluidity." 

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