Etcetera Theatre

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

KNOCK KNOCK a new play written by Niv Petel

"This is a poignant and powerful play"

"Petel’s one-man show is an impressively constructed and insightful piece of drama"

Using his body and voice, Niv Petel weaves a vivid and detailed familial relationship in KNOCK KNOCK, a physical solo show exploring the effects of National Service on a single mother and her only son in Israel.

In a country where tensions between political groups run high, borders are constantly inflamable and National Service is compulsory, the risk of death is an everyday occurrence. KNOCK KNOCK is inspired by real events and cuts through the politics of the Middle East to tell a story about parenthood, friendship, love and sacrifice.

Produced by Alan Boulter Productions Ltd
Set and Costume design by Rhiannon White
Lighting design by Oliver Bush


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