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EdPreview: DOUBLE BILL: Phil Mann and Emily Lloyd Saini

EdPreview: DOUBLE BILL: Phil Mann and Emily Lloyd Saini

Phil Mann: Nothingism
A bad new craze is sweeping the nation: Nothingism, is it a twisted satire of modern culture obsessed with boxsets, BuzzFeed, apps and technology, which recreates video games, YouTube videos, TV shows and related tropes as a vehicle for making fun of the world we live in? Or is it a show by weirdly prescient Phil Mann?  Hot off the heels of "anything can be art," is "nothing can be art." If you liked "too cool for school," you’’ll love "too cool for literally anything." Phil Mann returns with a new show that is weird, moving and obsessed with... well... nothing.

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Emily Lloyd Saini: Is This Part of the Show?
Emily Lloyd-Saini’s debut hour of stand-up. Come and take a journey through life as a half Indian East Midlander trying to make it big in London.  ‘...her anecdotal comedy is as hilarious as it is unbelievable… her energy and charm completely won us over’ ( Funny Women finalist 2011.


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