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Think you’re good at something? How far are you willing to go in order to succeed? That’s the question the four young writers ask themselves after they pay big money to attend a writing seminar held by an ex-celebrated writer turned revered teacher...

Under Leonard’s unorthodox and controversial teaching methods the students find themselves fighting for his approval. Friendships are made, broken and they all individually have challenges they must overcome from Leonard’s brutal opinion. Will they all make it and get their stories adored or published? Or will the desperate writers crumble, realizing this was a huge mistake... ’Which is what’s probably going to happen anyway’

Theresa Rebeck, Pulitzer Prize nominee, writes a dark comedy concerning ambition, power and lust – and one with an unexpected kick. Theresa is the creator of hit television series Smash and previous plays include Dead Accounts and Mauritius.


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