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Piaf- Love Conquers All

Piaf- Love Conquers All

Moving on theatre are excited to be celebrating the start of Piaf’s 100 years celebration at the Etcetera theatre  aptly run by French artists ,with the brilliant show " Piaf Love Conquers All" by Roger Peace ,which is not only a great tribute to Piaf but also a celebration of mental health without medication.

The show starring Laurene Hope who also plays accordion and  who becomes the spirit of Piaf without the need to imitate her, and Francis Kenny on keyboards ,sold out Brighton Edinburgh and Henley Fringes.

The show is a roller coaster of emotions, laughter, tears and "Je Ne Regrette Rien" Laurene Hope the producer and performer who was diagnosed with a mental health problem, uses this show as her medicine to raise awareness of healing mental health with creativity and the love of performing.

" I laughed and danced and loved every minute of this show" J S Aylesbury

" Pay the money and go don’t think twice Brilliant" Simon Edinburgh

" Laurene Hope magnetises the audience from the moment she enters the stage"

" I have seen all the Piaf shows but this show and Laurene are the soul of the French songstress you will not be disappointed" S K London 

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