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BlackBox: Nosferatu's Shadow

BlackBox: Nosferatu's Shadow

Who was Max Schreck, the man behind the most iconic of all movie monsters? How did he come to be remembered solely for the one and only horror film he made during a career encompassing 800 parts and 50 films? How did he manage to continue working through the rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis? What compromises did he have to make? He was a dreamer, a loner, a nature lover, something of a mystic, a hugely versatile and consistently lauded actor. He played in Shakespeare and Schiller, Moliere and Brecht. He was expert in comedy and tragedy, Expressionism and Naturalism. But, who was Max Schreck? To find out, we must liberate him from Nosferatu’s Shadow.

Michael’s previous solo show, Hyde & Seek, received multiple four-star reviews and The Stage said, ’Daviot is a spellbinding writer and a magnetic performer.’


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