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BlackBox: Chew

BlackBox: Chew

CHEW by Sarah Tejal Hamilton

"I tried to help you.. I found you in that room, your head keeping time against the concrete wall. There were so many like you, so many, a hundred clocks beating the seconds, each body a conflict zone."

When Beth comes to help Dr Haynes cope with the fallout from a disastrous mission in Haiti, she has her own ideas about how to rescue the tortured professor - and things take a turn towards darkness. 

Award-winning CHEW won the London Horror Festival 2015 short playwriting competition, and now steps up as a chilling full length play. This assured debut from playwright Sarah Tejal Hamilton takes inspiration from her experience as a war reporter and calls attention to the mistakes we seem compelled to repeat.

Directed by Rory Fairbairn
Produced by Red Squash Theatre

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