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BlackBox: A Matter of Love

BlackBox: A Matter of Love

Can science really explain what we mean when we talk of love?

A Matter of Love follows the story of two people who allow us to observe and to share in their narrative. We see them meet, their hearts race and palms sweat; get excited, find common ground, find brilliance in passion and stumble over unrealised emotions. 

 They are a universal couple: they are you and I.

 Mind Over Matter ask, where do science and relationships meet? Are emotions just physical responses to stimuli or are they something more? if love is just a sensation then how do we account for its longevity? 

 Mind Over Matter Theatre Collective bring their latest dynamic, physical, and multimedia performance to the Etcetera for three nights only!

 - In collaboration with philosophers Helen Yetter-Chappell and Prof. Dorothea Debus



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