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BlackBox: LOVE

BlackBox: LOVE

LOVE by Petar Miloshevski

LOVE explores the furthest and unimaginable possibilities of a love relationship. Inspired by a real event - it tells the story of “Y”, who, wanting to realise at last a long-held fantasy, posted an ad looking for a partner with whom he would make love, then get killed, cut in pieces, and eaten by his lover - reaching his idea of the ultimate sexual nirvana. “X” most benevolently responded to the ad. LOVE is their love story.

London-based actor and theatre-maker Petar Miloshevski’s work focuses on pioneering postdramatic solo-projects, widely performed in UK and European theatre festivals. LOVE completes a triptych with his previous award winning solo-pieces HOPE and THE BEAUTIFUL.

Script, lighting, soundtrack and set devised by Petar Miloshevski 

Costume by Antonella Petraccaro

"LOVE is cathartic and violent in equal parts. Miloshevski produces barrels of wonderment from unspeakable human tragedy" - A Younger Theatre

"The latest work by Petar Miloshevski is so singular in its mode of expression that it takes time for your eyes and ears to become accustomed, and has an atmosphere that could give you the bends." - Exeunt Magazine

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