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EdPreview: Plain English

EdPreview: Plain English

 Plain English is a vibrant One –Man comedy/drama play, self penned and performed by versatile character actor Terry Burns and Directed by Clara Onyemere. It follows the trials and tribulations of idealistic NQT Michael England on his first year on the job as an English teacher in a struggling inner city London school.  Despite his old school, control freak H.O.D Mr Cooper and his over bearing, grandiose and disapproving Mother, he is determined to make a difference in the lives of his, variously, disaffected, tormented and neglected students.

Going up to Edinburgh this year at Surgeons Hall, Theatre 1 from 24th to 29th August at 12.05pm.

“Now, I just want to get one thing clear, I’m not here to teach you how to pass exams! I’m here to help you develop a love for learning and words and to teach you how you can be creative with words. If I can do that, the exams will take care of themselves.”  Michael England





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