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Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred

Join the Oxford Revue and improv comedy duo SHAKEN NOT STIRRED for a night of new material at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden at 9.30pm. It’s cheap (£3) and should be a really good night of comedy fun.

Praise for the Oxford Revue:

’The country’s brightest young comic talents’ - The Times

"To call the Oxford Revue amateurs is simply offensive - these are polished professionals" - The Fix Magazine, Bristol

"Oxford were outstanding in their flawless delivery", The Cambridge Student


SHAKEN NOT STIRRED is an improvised comedy in the style of a James Bond film, performed by Alexander Fox and Dom O’Keefe.

’Come in 007. We’ve been expecting you.

Welcome to MI6 and SHAKEN NOT STIRRED, a high-octane, never-before-seen adventure in the style of Britain’s best-loved spy. Suave tongue-in-cheek action, adventure and romance based entirely on your suggestions, this is very much for your eyes only.’

Previous praise for Alexander Fox:

***** "It is rare to see a debut as strong as this... Simply amazing" - The New Current.
Nominated for Best New Act at London Sketchfest 2014.

Previous praise for Dom O’Keefe:

**** "Charismatic and charming" - Broadway Baby.
**** "A bright and brilliant show" - Fringe Review.


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