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EdPreview: James Hamilton Is So Lonely - FINAL PREVIEW

EdPreview: James Hamilton Is So Lonely - FINAL PREVIEW

Meet James: a lovelorn, supremely self-centered and deeply bitter sort of chap, who just wants everything to work out for the (read: his) best.

His life falls apart when he discovers the mysterious Goggles of Future Past - a device designed to show you a vision of your future, only to immediately cut off the possibility of that same future forever.

Only someone deeply narcissistic would be tempted to look through them - and of course, James is that narcissist.

Strewn with a cavalcade of silly misfits conjured up for your viewing pleasure, James Hamilton Is So Lonely is another surreal march into the imagination behind multi award winning sketch group Casual Violence - who, in case you’re asking, is managing just fine by himself, thank you. He don’t need them. HE DON’T. HE PROMISES. JUST FINE. JUST FINE.

Directed by Thom Tuck (The Penny Dreadfuls; ACMS)

Praise for James’s sketch group Casual Violence (as heard on BBC Radio 4):

‘Leading the new wave of sketch comedy’ (Sunday Times).

’Dark, twisted and superb’ ***** (Skinny).

’A fantastic lesson in how to write sketch comedy’ ***** (

***** (ThreeWeeks,


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