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EdPreview: HAVE A WORD

EdPreview: HAVE A WORD

One woman comedy character show, Written and performed by Abbie Murphy.

 A hit debut show at last years Fringe with ’Girl On Fire’ Abbie Murphy returns with the loveable comedy character, Essex babe, Miss Stephanie Vange. Having moved back home in ’Girl on Fire’, we now see how Stephanie plans to launch back into the world. With an abundance of hilariously misplaced confidence, she’s finding it tough keeping down a job, that’s worthy of her time. Prepared to be shocked by the reality of Stephanie Vange, you will likely know someone just like her... if you don’t, perhaps its you! 
Winner of ’Best Act’ at Camden Solo Fringe Festival 2014

"Laugh Aloud Funny" Steve Bennett, Chortle

"If at Ed Fest, Check out Abbie Murphy #GirlOnFire Very New but Very good" Tweeted by Jennifer Saunders 29 Jul 9:32pm

"A delightful piece of light hearted comedy drama. Abbie Murphy is a very competent actress and certainly breathes life into the role. Her character and portrayal of Stephanie Vange never flagged. Certainly a production worth catching". One4Review 

"Abbie Murphy is a talented Actress, and wins the audiences laughs with her totes amaze representation of a bleach blonde Estuary-English ‘Babe’. Murphy’s skill lies in her ability to culturally caricature without being derogatory". Vonny Moyes, The Skinny


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