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CamdenFringe: Stuff

CamdenFringe: Stuff

Toby and Jess Matthews are unable to conceive children. Or rather,  Toby is unable to. One night, an old school friend of Jess’ – Xav -  makes the unique suggestion that they use his frozen “stuff” instead and  become parents. This can’t be a good idea? Can it? Set during one  strange night in The Matthew’s front room, ‘Stuff’ is the unusual story  of life, death, family, friendship and all the stuff in-between.

WINNER of the “Audience Favourite Play” award at 24:7 Theatre Festival.

WINNER of Best Male at the UK Studio Theatre Awards.

"Poignant yet very, very funny in places... A thoroughly rewarding, thoroughly adult, production" –Manchester Theatre Awards

"Stuff is definitely a play you should go and watch” – Lancashire Life

Twitter: @mbhtheatre


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