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CamdenFringe: Their Dark Materials

CamdenFringe: Their Dark Materials

Stand-up comedy from Ashley Haden (NATYS New Act of the Year Finalist) and LJ Da Funk (Zak Splijt, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year finalist). Imagine Bill Hicks and the Ultimate Warrior but less sympathetic and not dead.

Ashley Haden is a spleen-venting, bleeding-edge satirist who has been known to write entire stand-up routines en route to shows based on the day’s events.
"Jet-black humour" Steve Bennett, Chortle

LJ Da Funk is a self-styled New York gangster, who japes wildly about everything from Enoch Powell to his myriad yet always disastrous sexual encounters.
Relished every minute of it, an infectiously enjoyable quality” – Steve Bennett, Chortle.

Twitter: @zaksplijt



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