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CamdenFringe: Banjo Man

CamdenFringe: Banjo Man


Quina’s father played the banjo on a 1990s chart-hit. He passed away unexpectedly in 2009. This is her tribute to him.

Banjo Man is a collection of music and memories about the late Roger Dinsdale, a musician who, in 1994, became a one-hit-wonder playing the banjo on a popular dance track. Join Quina as she shares stories of her father and recounts tales she has collected from family and friends about his unexpected world tour.

A moving show about dealing with loss and celebrating life, Banjo Man combines storytelling, poetry and original live music.

"Quina is a compelling storyteller. Banjo Man is a poignant, moving and entertaining show."
- Fringe Review

"... beautifully written... touching and thoughtful."
- Edinburgh Spotlight


Twitter: @MissQuinaC


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