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EdPreview: Chopping Chillies

EdPreview: Chopping Chillies

Like the Karate Kid but with food not fighting Chopping Chillies is a gloriously funny story about unlikely friendships.
Katie’s crossed continents and thinks she’s seen it all but Ajna really has. 

Journeying from a kitchen in south India to a cobbler’s shop in Camden Town, this heart-warming solo show features a line-up of exotic misfits, whose lives intertwine in surprising and unexpected ways.   

Developed with support from Apples and Snakes, the UK’s leading performance poetry organisation, Chopping Chillies is an uplifting blast of poetry, storytelling and spoken word.

“One of the best things to emerge from my ten years at Apples & Snakes" Russell Thompson, London Co-ordinator at Apples & Snakes



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