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The Awkward Silence: Racketeers

The Awkward Silence: Racketeers

The Awkward Silence unveil the London premiere of Racketeers, an extraordinary tale of violence, deceit, and chips.

When infamous crime boss Morris ’Genuinely Mentally Unwell’ Jackson starts to smell disloyalty within his ranks, small-time villains Frank Reid and Micky Bannister know they’ve got to make themselves scarce. Sharpish.With Morris and his men on their tail, they swap the East End for the end of the pier and decide to get some salty sea air in their lungs. But how do you run a racket in Brighton? Can crime continue to pay, or will Frank and Micky be forced to go straight? And how long will it be before their old life starts to catch up with them? Perhaps the answers lie in the deep fat fryers of The Greasy Trout chip shop...

Script edited by David Quantick (Brass Eye, Veep, Harry Hill’s TV Burp).

***** - The New Current 

Shortlisted for BBC Writer’s Prize

Nominated for Writers’ Guild Award

**** - Broadway Baby 

****  - EdFringe Review 

****  - Fresh Fringe 


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