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EdPreview: James Veitch: Genius Bar

EdPreview: James Veitch: Genius Bar

Join an ex-Apple genius for misguided forays into online dating, unrequited love and what it’s really like to work for Steve Jobs.

Expect music, mischief and the Legend of Zelda; iCloud, Macbooks and 80’s nostalgia. A clumsy tale of broken hearts and broken iPhones. A show for anyone who’s ever wished they could just reboot.

’A wicked sense of humor. I laughed my ass off’ (New York Times)

’Ingenious... One to watch’ (Independent)

’Near-constant belly laughs’ **** (Scotsman)

’Topically brilliant comedy. Tears down the face funny’ **** (Sunday Herald)

’Comic Genius’ (

***** (


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