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EdPreview: David Elms: Mister Boy

EdPreview: David Elms: Mister Boy

Lucky pup Elms is back with a show that seems to be about marriage and adulthood, but actually it’s about compromise and then at the end you find out it’s all been about love.

Musical Comedy Awards winner 2014, Chortle Awards finalist 2012, Mr Goldsworth in smash-hit show Dracula, Mr Swallow.

’Beautiful, funny, clever and utterly engaging’ **** (Scotsman).

’Offers something that feels entirely new’ (Guardian).

’Winning combination of linguistic sharpness and charming meta-silliness’ **** (List).

’Original, intelligent and madcap’ **** (

’Staking out his own comedy territory’ (Guardian).

’Intelligently comic and joyously silly’ **** (


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