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EdPreview: The Dead Secrets Present: The Curiositorium

EdPreview: The Dead Secrets Present: The Curiositorium

*The Dead Secrets Present: The Curiositorium * Edinburgh Preview

Winners of the Buxton Fringe Best Comedy show 2014 and London SketchFest Finalists 2015, *The Dead Secrets* bring you their brand new sketch comedy adventure.

The mysterious Curiositorium and its countless exhibits of wonder and terror have lain dormant for years, hidden beneath a more socially acceptable museum. Can the mild-mannered curator unlock its secrets? Can the terrifying DeClaw finally defeat his nemeses, the even more terrifying Shadow People? And will the loveable experiment Sputtoms ever be a real
boy, or must Professor Cribbens destroy him and start again?

Through a whirlwind of comedy sketches, the audience will be taken on a raucous adventure full of extraordinary characters, into a world of science, magic, intrigue, wonder and curiositation.

 Discover the answers to questions you didn’t know could be asked in *The Curiositorium*, a brand new sketch show by award-winning comedy pushers *The Dead Secrets*.

’scripted comedy of the highest quality’ - Buxton Fringe Review

**** ’I was simply left wanting to watch more from this talented group’ - Three Weeks

**** ’The Dead Secrets remind us of the power of the sketch show: woven stories, intelligent scripting and the unravelling absurdity of the human mind’ - TVBomb

**** ’will leave you bouncing out of the venue with a smile and aching cheeks’ - Ed Fringe Review


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