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Aidan Killian: Saving Julian Assange

Aidan Killian: Saving Julian Assange

Aidan Killian  is a spirited and unique, charismatic, passionate comedian with a rakish charm who has been compared to Russell Brand and Tommy Tiernan by Chortle.

His intelligent, impassioned and hilarious rants have been known to expose the hypocrisy and injustice in this world and leave the audience in a state of joy. He once left the stage at Electric Picnic,  Ireland’s largest festival, to a giant group hug.

He is “a man that sees the world for what it is and what it can become” Fresh Fringe Edinburgh.

He has performed shows everywhere from a peace festival in the Middle East to sold out theatres in New York, Dublin, London, has toured all over Asia and is the only comedian to have done a sitting room tour of Ireland. 

His show ‘Take the Red Pill’- which made light of the global financial crisis (drawn from his personal experiences as an investment banker)- was a massive hit at Edinburgh Fringe, in 2014 he took on religion with ’Jesus Versus Buddha’ and now he brings a show about whistleblowers and standing up for truth called, Saving Julian Assange. 

"You will see "nothing else compare with this." - Chortle ****"


""tremendously engaging" -chortle

"Raw and Stimulating" - Chortle

"you will see "nothing else compare with this." - Chortle ****

"stole the show" - Scotsman

"beautiful riffs" - Scotsman

"Brave and enlightening" - Happiest medium NewYork

"Ireland’s Hottest comedian" - One World Chronicle

"Work of a Comic Genius" - Awaken Ireland

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