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EdPreview: 5 Kilo Sugar

EdPreview: 5 Kilo Sugar

5 Kilo Sugar
Tik-sho-ret Theatre Company 

Written by Gur Koren
Directed by Ariella Eshed

What would you do if your late grandfather started appearing in your life through people you know or randomly  meet?

5 Kilo Sugar follows the story of Gur Koren, who is sent on a mission by his late grandfather that begins with sugar
smuggling in World War II and ends in the bed of a lecturer in Eastern European history. Set in Tel Aviv and written in the
style of a mockumentary, the play is a farcical yet touching story of one man’s journey to fulfil his grandfather’s wishes. 

Tik-sho-ret Theatre Company brings 5 Kilo Sugar  to the Etcetera Theatre after touring Brighton Fringe, Tristan Bates
Theatre and LJCC in 2014 before opening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

Find out more information about the show and our Edinburgh run at
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