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The Queen's Seed: a new dark play by Sylvie Gral

The Queen's Seed: a new dark play by Sylvie Gral

The Queen’s Seed : A new play by acclaimed French playwright and visionary artistic director: Sylvie Gral translated into English by Rosamund Wilson.

“A work in progress” written and presented as part of a Writing Residency at the I.F.R.U (French Institute of United Kingdom)  for two characters exploring themes like forbidden love, passion and unfaithfulness...a mother’s love.

"The Queen’s Seed” revisits the Greek myth of Pasiphae and the Minotaur in modern language.Poseidon cast a spell on Pasiphae, condemning her to marry a white bull and conceive a hybrid creature named the Minotaur. She throws herself into the labyrinth to find her offspring after having cursed her husband by poisoning his sperm with scorpions and killing her rivals... 


A few days have passed since Theseus has killed the Minotaur and fled to the island of Naxos with Ariadne.

Pasiphae has been cast aside. Her son’s and abandoned daughter’s deaths have been kept from her. Pasiphae rushes into the labyrinth, waits for her son, hoping to find him and bring him back to the palace. She harks back to her passion for the white bull and recounts her romantic adventures with her husband Minos, and her revenge after she has contaminated his sperm with scorpions, snakes and millipedes.

Tiffaine is a sporty young woman who loves basketball. She recounts stories about Greece in the post-millennium, remembering the beginning of the financial crisis, the Olympic Games and their negative effects on the whole of society.

Her narrative is based on a true story which took place in Greece in 2012 and was published in the media: an adolescent girl whose family was affected and impoverished by the crisis and who suffocated and died in a fire.


Pasiphae: Tamsin Shasha

Tiffaine: Sibylla Meienberg


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