Etcetera Theatre

Dark Timeline

Dark Timeline

Everyone has an Evil Twin.

This is the Dark Timeline. A night of EVIL improv comedy performed by DARK versions of great acts from a parallel dimension.

We’ve gathered some of London’s finest improvisers, thrown them away and invited their evil alter egos to perform a frighteningly funny evening of malevolent comedy - delving into the darkest depths of their dangerous minds to break your funny bones.

We invite you to come watch the carnage. Dress up like your evil twin from another universe; a scar, a limp, a lisp, or a tattoo! Maybe you look exactly the same, just harbouring a calm desire to BURN EVERYTHING!*

*your ticket price includes an evil goatee beard you can collect at the door. Because no goodie ever grew a goatee (apart from Iron Man. But he was prideful, which is an evil thing).

Featuring twisted versions of

Project2 <> (Evil Sci fi)

The RH Experience <> (Stuck in the darkness)

Destination Podcast <> (A car journey to the dark side. Starring Katy Schutte, Jonathan Peter Funkhouse Monkhouse, Chris Mead, Jinny Lyons and Tony Harrisment) Live version.

Kick a dog, don’t pay a tip and cut the fingers off your black leather gloves.

This, is your DARK TIMELINE.

Saturday June 6th
£6.50 ENTRY


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