Etcetera Theatre




The new play by Heather Uprichard (WINNER of 2014 International Playwriting Festival)

Directed by Russell Lucas
Assisted by Alanna Stone

Atrophy is a play that interlaces the stories of 4 Hunger Strikers, to explore the protest, politics, legacy and and effects of their actions. It foregrounds the World Medical Association declaration on hunger strikers rights and medical management, and how this is being systematically sidelined by Guantanamo today.

It weaves the real-life stories of ALICE PAUL (USA - 1885), BARGHAT SINGH (India - 1907), FRANK STAGG (Ireland - 1976) and GITMO into a twisted, enveloping dialogue about the right to protest and raises the issues surrounding force feeding - something that still happens.

’’ATROPHY is a play of imagination and conviction, written with apalpable faith in the possibility of theatre.’’ - Simon Stephens


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