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EdPreview: 501 Things I do in my Bedroom

EdPreview: 501 Things I do in my Bedroom

A new play by Nicola Wren

Yesterday: deleted Facebook (too many pictures of his new girlfriend). Today: downloaded Tinder, listened to three Beyoncé albums and bought a blonde wig off eBay. Tomorrow: I’ll be over it. 

Meet Miss M.

Heartbroken, directionless and left with nothing from her last relationship but 47 green Starburst and a bad poem, one determined young woman begins her bonkers journey to self-discovery.

Step into her weird little world and be whisked away to places you may find strangely familiar in this energetic, confessional comedy.

“Rip-roaring and reflective. This twenty-something is severely talented.” (Kentishtowner)

Writer/Performer: Nicola Wren

Director: Arthur McBain

Producer: Fiona Porritt


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