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EdPreview: Double Bill : Show 1- Reconciling Show 2- PiTH

EdPreview: Double Bill : Show 1- Reconciling  Show 2- PiTH

What do a Baptist, a bro with handcuffs, & a botched funeral have in common? Not enough and more than you think. This dark comedy, written by Jenny King, explores how three couples’ unique problems complement & crash into each other. Hearts opened and words spoken become recurring refrains through a collective unconscious where one word can have multiple meanings. And vodka…that always makes things interesting.

Join the entire Barrington Collective, as they bring this fractal tree of a play to life. Sit back, relax, and please feed the actors.

This interactive one woman show, written and starring Katie Morrill, follows, a plucky American adventurer from the 1800’s, as she navigates the joys and consequences of time travel.  A woman apart, a ghost skimming across the fabric of time, she finds herself in complete isolation unable to interact with anyone around her. Can she stop the swiftly increasing
roller-coaster that is her life? What will happen if she doesn’t? Can you help her? Join PiTH in an honest and quirky exploration of modern humanity, technological isolation and the universe, micro to macro. Oh, and did we mention there will be, machetes and music?


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