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The Guitar Man

The Guitar Man

The Guitar Man plays his songs every day for those who will hear but also for those who won’t hear. He came to this town because of a woman and he stayed because of a son.

Jon Fosse tells the story of an old and weary busker who has hit rock bottom. What remains if he leaves his identity as busker behind? 

Actress Janin Stenzel takes on this character exploring the traps of a lived life from the perspective of a young woman.

"Fosse uses simple phrases: “I sing with the voice I’ve got.” Janin Stenzel puts power behind these phrases with a restrained performance. She intensifies by omitting. She plays in an illuminated snail shell.” - Jamal Tuschick, Der Freitag magazine

"On a closer look, you recognize an angel of despair in Janin Stenzel’s performance.” -


With Janin Stenzel 

Direction Luzius Heydrich

Costume & Stage Carola Volles


Translated from Norwegian

By Louis Muinzer

Casarotto Ramsay  & Associates Ltd.


Coproduction by

Das Neue Teater am Bahnhof NTaB

Zwischenhalt Arlesheim

Stollenrain 17

4144 Arlesheim


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