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Jesus and the Rebels - 3 radical speeches

Jesus and the Rebels - 3 radical speeches



Performed by Michael Dickinson.


   The don’t-shoot leaflet - 1912 – A striking worker’s appeal to soldiers.
   The distributors and printers were jailed for ‘incitement to mutiny.’  (5

   Speech by rebel priest John Ball from ‘Wat Tyler’ by Robert Southey
   (1794), About the Peasant’s Revolt 1381, it was described in Parliament as
   ‘the most seditious play ever written’.  Never performed in England. (10

   ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ – The sayings and teaching of Jesus from
   Matthew  5-7  King James’ Bible.  (20 min.)

Performer Michael Dickinson was an actor in London in the 1970’s, most
notably in ‘Devil’s Planet’, an episode of the TV series SPACE 1999.  In
1979 he went overland to Calcutta and worked for a short time with Mother
Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.  On return to England he became an
anarchist squatter and was arrested several times in non-violent protests.  In
1986 he went to teach English in Istanbul, where he stayed for 27 years
until arrested during the 2013 Gezi Park protests in the city, and deported
to England.  Dickinson is also a writer, and has had over 100 articles
published in the political newsletter COUNTERPUNCH.


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