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Brother Dege & special guest Peter Von Toy

Brother Dege & special guest Peter Von Toy

Following April’s epic mud stompin’ performance at the Etcetera Theatre, BROTHER DEGE will be back the 4th of December for the very last gig of his European Tour promoting new album SCORCHED EARTH POLICY.

BROTHER DEGE (Psych Delta Blues/USA) 

Brother Dege has long remained one of the best kept secrets of the Deep South.

Since the late 90s, he has been exploring the backwoods, following in Son House, Mark Twain and William Faulkner’s footsteps.

Deviating from any pre-marked path, Dege melds elements of folk, Delta blues and punk in order to create a universe both singular and incendiary. No wonder, then, that Quentin Tarantino – the best DJ of modern cinema – picked a song by Brother Dege to illustrate one of the most epic moments of his Django Unchained.

Following his 2009’s Folk Songs Of The American Longhair & 2013’s How To Kill A Horse, Brother Dege returns with Scorched Earth Policy: Deluxe.

Conceived first as a digital-only “summer mixtape”, the album has been updated into a more cohesive studio effort. This is the first time any of these newly recorded 12 songs will be available on CD and vinyl. 

Here, the southern rock & roll lexicon is enriched with a post-millennial frenzy that shatters the conventions from the past. Brother Dege is a maverick who is aiming at a still unheard-of rural psychedelia through overpowering slide guitars and tribal drums.

It is the aesthetics of a man amidst ruins. The melancholy is potent. The effect is immediate, like a cowboy boot kick. The fierceness turns religious : eg Tower of Babel, Revolution, Way of the Lamb.

Listening to Brother Dege is the best way to save the world.


PETER VON TOY (rock/blues/folk – unplugged)

After building a name by recording several albums, E.P’s and playing over 450 live shows in Europe (including SONISPHERE France) with signed & unsigned bands ranging from heavy rock to death metal not to mention post-core and country, the eclectic PETER VON TOY has settled in London (February 2k15) to start his brand new solo career as a songwriter.

In a deliberate attempt to go back to something organic and authentic in a world and industry that’s gone wrong, there is NO recorded music available anywhere online or at shows. The only way for the crowd to get a grasp of his rock drenched blues tinted songs is by attending one his lively, sincere and communicative live performances.

A strategy that seems to pay off, since March 2015 PVT has already played over 30 shows in the UK, Netherlands and France including some opening for NASHVILLE PUSSY & BROTHER DEGE.



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