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Bastien and Bastienne - Savitri

Bastien and Bastienne - Savitri

Operaview double bill, 2015

A comic opera full of Mozart’s genius and wit, and Holst’s mystical saga, inspired by the epic Mahābhārata. How often will we allow our trust to be tested? How strong is love when doubt, fear, or mystery clouds a relationship? How far are we willing to go to prove devotion?

Three voices, a piano, and shadow puppetry create the otherworldly atmosphere of these operatic gems.

Bastien & Bastienne, by W.A. Mozart

Bastienne pines for her lover, Bastien, and fears that he has found a new lover during his visit to the city. She enlists the help of Colas, who persuades her to regain Bastien’s affection by playing hard to get; Colas then tells Bastien that, in his absence, Bastienne has fallen for a new admirer. Can Bastienne win back her man, or shall her unkind behaviour be one step too far, pushing Bastienne away forever?

Sāvitri, by Gustav Holst

Sāvitri, wife of Satyavan, hears the calls of Death and fears its arrival. Satyavan reassures her that her nightmares are an illusion: "All is unreal; all is Maya". When Death arrives, Satyavan is weakened and Death is triumphant. No longer afraid, Sāvitri welcomes Death and offers him a deal...


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