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BlackBoxFestival: Red Jungle Fowl

BlackBoxFestival: Red Jungle Fowl

***** “An incredibly smart piece of work. The dialogue is razor sharp and seriously slick… A really impressive and edgy piece of comedy” – Platform

Brazil, 2014. Whilst the rest of the world is glued to the football a school group head out to Sao Paulo with “charitable” aims. They want to help Brazil’s youth. With Shakespeare workshops.

Finding it hard to teach a child from the favela that iambic pentameter is his way out of poverty, the mission-statement is lost and instead the teenagers push the boundaries of their parental freedom, with devastating consequences.

In its first London production since a critically acclaimed run at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe, and with a cast of four playing thirty characters, Red Jungle Fowl is fast-paced comedy satirising self-indulgent charity and voluntourism.


Written by James Huntrods

Directed by Tom Birch

Sound design by Benji Huntrods



Annabel Baldwin

Howard Perret

Clare Scott

Oliver Yellop


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