Etcetera Theatre

BlackBoxFestival: Scenes of a Sensual Nature

BlackBoxFestival: Scenes of a Sensual Nature

Enter Jo Romero’s darkly twisted world, where comedy blends with horror.

Six original theatrical pieces full of darkness, humour and sensuality.

 Debbie “I love you so much I want to cut your moles off and sew them onto me”

Dalia “You want to make sex with me like forest dog”

Brabantia  “If your teeth are bad so are you. Bad teeth, bad you”

"Lively and frankly a bit scary, a performer who brings a unique physical performance to her material."Chortle

"Rarely does it happen that writers and directors who perform in their own work prove successful. On this occasion, however, the results are exceptional." ***** One Stop Arts

 "Multi-talented Jo Romero, her wit is quick and the humour is thoroughly enjoyable by anyone and everyone."   3 Weeks


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