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BlackBoxFestival: Duck Flu

BlackBoxFestival: Duck Flu

"It starts with a sneeze… then a cough… then a quack… "

The year is 2017.The Vegans have taken over and Duck Flu has infected the nation.  Whilst giant human-bird zombies terrorise the home counties,twin sisters Anna and Berry try to remain on the right side of sane whilst
trapped in their family house with nothing but each other, their mother, E.R and a machete for entertainment…. But when Ollie, a real human man  from the outside world seeks solace in their home, everything starts to change…. 

Inspired by Hitchcock’s ’The Birds, Simon Pegg’s ’Shaun of the Dead’ and  Julia Davis ’Nighty Night’, Duck Flu is a darkly comic play about the hysterical results of dealing with the boring practicalities surviving in an the apocalypse. After being previewed once in Bristol, this is the debut performance of the full script of ’Duck Flu’

"Duck Flu was Pitch-perfect in every aspect. The writing was seamless, dropping us into this post-apocalyptic world where everyone fears infection and the only way to stave off the disease is to drink tea. In most plays like this, a lack of an exposition would have been a hindrance but Lyons executed the piece perfectly. For me, this was the runaway hit of the
night" - InterMission Magazine

Written and directed by comedian Elf Lyons.


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