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BlackBoxFestival: Skin Like Butter

BlackBoxFestival: Skin Like Butter

Fresh from their sell-out debut show, Ladylogue! at the Camden Fringe festival this summer, The Thelmas are proud to present, SKIN LIKE BUTTER from the exciting new voice that is Leah Cowan.

 "I know that lots of people aren’t happy about the job we do. But everyone has their role to play."

 When Jerome travels to England to study Computer Science, he finds himself trapped within a Kafkaesque world of officers, guards, interviewers, raids, removals, and indefinite immigration detention.

Inspired by her experiences of working with an immigration detainee support group, Leah Cowan brings us her debut full-length play, which deftly interrogates the asylum process in the UK and challenges us to question our own attitudes towards those who seek our protection.

Director: Madelaine Moore

Writer: Leah Cowan

Produced by The Thelmas

The Thelmas are dedicated to promoting and supporting rising female talent. The gender imbalance in British theatre has never seemed more incongruous and so The Thelmas are taking matters into their own hands. They are passionate about seeing more female writers have their work commissioned and producing stories told from a female perspective.  Their work, therefore, reflects this passion.

Founded by director, Madelaine Moore, whose recent work has been seen at the Playhouse Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, the Arcola, and Southwark Playhouse, and actor Rhiannon Story. 


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