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BlackBoxFestival: No White Mongoose For Wilma

BlackBoxFestival: No White Mongoose For Wilma

Cosmic Players and DoesGood Theatre Present: “NO WHITE MONGOOSE FOR WILMA”

Written by Darren Brealey
Directed by Dimitry Devdariani.
Making its London debut at the Black Box Festival

An eccentric and surreal comedy of impeccable manners and good taste

Ms Wilma Cruikshank, Mrs Carshalton and Mrs Zizou are Victorian ladies  who lunch. Their menus have included the most exotic dishes from around  the globe; however, their next culinary extravagance may prove a step too far...

Based on the life of Wilma Cruikshank – an alumnus of Oxford University  and a contemporary of Charles Darwin – she is remembered for being the first woman to pen a complete description of a fossilised dinosaur. This  achievement is however over shadowed by accounts of her having eaten the  shrunken heart of King Louis XII


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